Kaapi LILA with Navtej Johar

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What does Yoga mean in today’s world? Is it a way for people to escape the humdrum of their weary existence? What does it mean to the yoga gurus who manage to reach across the seas and make it a common practice? Where does it all originate and how has it developed through the ages? Yoga, for me, has been a way of stress release and exercise. It manages to calm the mind, almost transporting one to another dimension. However, one sees that it is rather mindlessly practiced today as the instructors inform us what ‘aasan’ is associated with what part of the body.

Kaapi LILA with Mirjam Spoolder

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Last Sunday, I had the honour to participate in the first Kaapi LILA. A very special meeting among friends, conceived by LILA Foundation. I really thought of carrying a parachute: it was certain that we would fly high… We were invited to gather in the (temporary) studio of a Dutch artist who would tell us about her current project, still in progress – a multidimensional artistic work based on Delhi. And this was the occasion, for me, to reunite with my friends, the marvellous people that make LILA.

Navtej Johar: Physical Traditions as Continuity

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“There are some questions on Yoga that a practitioner such as myself needs to air.” For the sixth event of the PRISM Lecture Series 2014, Navtej Johar delivered a talk that was enlightened and scholarly, but also oriented towards very concrete and quotidian concerns. “In my teachers, in my students, I can see how much Yoga creates Sukha, happiness – it is tangible, evident. This state permits to maintain the moderation of Sattva, surfacing between the creative dynamic of energy and exhaustion that makes Yoga. But, what happens when we block the depth of this Sukha? Yoga creates happiness, but we don’t let it sink. It turns into a dusty carpet we throw in the air – the dust goes off for a little while, until it comes back in another configuration.”