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ILF Samanvay

ILF Samanvay is a contemporary call to rediscover the genius of Indian languages to interlink, and, thus, create a democratic cultural continuum. This annual Indian Languages Festival leads from a dynamic yet nuanced enterprise for cultural companionship anchored at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. It interlaces the diversities embedded in the transnational matrix of the country, through the media of its variegated languages. The fifth edition of the IHC Indian Languages Festival is scheduled from November 26-29, 2015, and is themed Insider/Outsider: Writing India’s dreams and Realities.

LILA collaborates with ILF Samanvay 2015 as a knowledge partner. In facilitating genuine camaraderie among the many-splendoured linguistic cultures of India, ILF Samanvay interprets ‘Indian Languages’ beyond verbal terms, and explores the transverbal possibilities of human expression and communication. LILA’s Executive Director, Rizio Yohannan Raj is the Creative Director of ILF Samanvay.

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India Habitat Centre

The India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, is a major venue partner of LILA’s first anniversary events, which include the PRISM Lecture Series and the Special Lecture Series. We join the IHC in celebrating its fifteenth anniversary by offering these seminal think-spaces. It is significant for LILA to be collaborating with the IHC: the Centre was conceived to provide a physical environment serving as a catalyst for synergetic relationships between individuals and institutions, working in diverse habitat related areas. We share the IHC’s conviction that such interlinking acts will maximise the effectiveness of all participants. As the nation’s leading convention centre, the IHC has welcomed through the years the most prestigious and influential agents of change and transformation in India. LILA is the extension of this movement, of this fervent energy for the making of a better tomorrow. We are honoured to join the IHC’s distinguished series of guests by having our events held in its premises.

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India International Centre

The India International Centre, New Delhi, has been, for more than four decades, one of the country’s premier cultural institutions. It is widely regarded as a meeting place for all major agents of intellectual, cultural and social change. LILA’s efforts are supported by the IIC’s programme division, and together we are part of an inspiring endeavour for the freedom of ideas and intuitions, beyond the frontiers of polemics and fixed mindsets. The IIC is a venue partner for LILA’s PRISM lecture series and Special Lecture Series. This collaboration is reflective of our shared dedication to the values of liberal humanism. LILA considers it an honour to be hosted at the IIC.

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Alliance Française of Delhi

Across decades and countries, the Alliance Française centres have revealed the stature that France and French language have held in numerous struggles for intellectual, cultural and social change. The Alliance Française of Delhi is located at the heart of a nation striving to enact similar critical and creative movements. LILA Foundation, and in particular the PRISM lecture series, is the latest expression of this energy, of this effervescent desire to work together for the making of an equitable and joyful society for tomorrow. LILA is honoured that the Alliance Française has welcomed us to be part of its culture-linking acts by having the PRISM lectures hosted at the Alliance Française of Delhi.

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Sahitya Akademi

Since 1954, the Sahitya Akademi has been the prime institution for the promotion of literature in Indian languages. Supporting more than 20 modern and ancient Indian languages, the Akademi publishes books and journals, organises national and regional events and offers the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Awards and Sahitya Akademi Fellowship. The Sahitya Akademi has kindly accepted our proposition to hold our inaugural Bearing Witness event: Voices in Verse. Celebrating the creative genius of poetry and literature, LILA Bearing Witness finds its place in the philosophy of genuine multiculturalism that the Akademi has demonstrated for the last six decades.

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South Asian University

The South Asian University is an International University sponsored by the eight Member States of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). Established in 2010, its campus is located in Chanakyapuri, Delhi. The South Asian University has kindly accepted our proposition to hold our second Bearing Witness event: Echoes of Silence. LILA Bearing Witness brings lights on all the cultural repositories of memory, crossing beyond the borders that delimitate our present. The partnership was further explored through the launch event of LILA Menso – LILA: The Choice Play of Governance.

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Drishti is a non-profit NGO based in Ahmedabad, India which uses media and the arts to build empowered communities that value self-expression and uphold human rights. Drishti believes that community media has the power to revolutionise grassroot struggles and to promote sustainable change. It stands in solidarity with local communities by bringing their voices together over the airwaves, featuring their stories and struggles in film, and advocating for their rights. Drishti and LILA collaborated on the occasion of LILA Lumieres – Mission Rio16: An Evening for the Cause of Goonga Pehelwan.

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Your Hope is Remaining

Your Hope is Remaining is a community development organisation. Through community development, community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems. Your Hope is Remaining creates awareness on the importance of education, especially for girls, but also on human rights, respect and justice among the rural poor villagers. It motivates children from poor families by distributing school bags, text books, note books, pencils and geometry boxes. Your Hope is Remaining and LILA collaborated on the occasion of LILA Lumieres – SALMA: Inspiring Minds l The Many Tongues of Poetry.

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BITS Pilani

Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS) is an Indian institute of higher education and a deemed university. The university counts 15 academic departments, and focuses primarily on undergraduate education in engineering and the sciences. Established in 1964, it transformed from a regional engineering college to a national university, backed by G.D. Birla. BITS has established centres at Goa, Pilani, Hyderabad and Dubai. BITS Pilani and LILA are collaborating for the tiNai Ecofilm Festivals 2014 and 2015.

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Movies That Matter

Movies that Matter Foundation, an initiative of Amnesty International, organises wide-ranging film programmes in which human rights take centre stage. Movies That Matter and LILA collaborated on the occasion of LILA Lumieres – SALMA: Inspiring Minds l The Many Tongues of Poetry.

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Nasheman logo


Nasheman is an artist residency located in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. The residency is an initiative of Priya Ravish Mehra and Ravish Mehra. Nasheman is hosting the monthly discussions with artists, Kaapi LILA.

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The University of Chicago, Center in Delhi

The University of Chicago, Center in Delhi provides a base for research, teaching and dialogue among scholars from the University, across India and around the world. It builds on a rich history of intellectual collaboration between Chicago and India. The Center is designed to serve scholars at all levels, and across all disciplines. LILA and The University of Chicago, Center in Delhi are collaborating on the occasion of Bearing Witness – When the Bird Became a Wave.

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