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In 2013, as part of the first phase of the PRISM programme (more on LILA PRISM here), fifteen seminal thinkers who have made remarkable contributions to their fields – ranging from Politics to Arts, New Media to Tribal Research, Media to Grassroots Innovation – agreed to collaborate with us and deliver public lectures. This made the LILA PRISM LECTURE SERIES 2013.

LILA PRISLecture Series 2013 was an attempt to explore some major fields of knowledge in the developmental context of contemporary India. This initiative found a vibrant support and following in India and abroad. The 15 speakers, beyond rigorously discussing their specific topics, shared with us the dream of a society in which creative efforts and meaningful results are integrally connected. They not only posed key questions that must awaken policy makers, but also shared their suggestions to link their disciplinary sites with the lives of common people, in a non-intrusive and creative way.

The LILA PRISM series will be followed by publications and other academic exercises such as corollary seminars and workshops, as well as public interface programmes, specially designed to translate and convey these messages to different sections of the society. Through this unique venture, we aim at two objectives:

  • Creating a horizontal continuum of knowledge
  • Making a public intervention towards the facilitation of development in a creative, interdisciplinary and transformative manner.

The PRISM Lecture Series is a demonstration of the diverse fields of LILA’s interest. Our philosophy of the translocal celebrates the human genius for association and interlink. It allows us to integrate apparent opposites, to help individuals and communities transcend their limited locales, to forge newer realities, and to find methods to conserve the most precious moments in the march of cultures.

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