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LILA has always understood itself, and has come into being as a people’s movement. To go further and facilitate the translocal reach we envision, we need and seek support from a variety of stakeholders. You are warmly invited to volunteer for the following functions:


Design & Content

At LILA, we believe design is not merely the way an idea or creation is presented to an external audience, but how it works deep within the originator as well as the people and spaces that receive it. Similarly, for us, a text or a programme is an enduring illustration of the integrity of matter and manner, and not just a compilation of content or the management of an event. To partake in the creation of our design spaces, we are looking for volunteers.

  1. Programme Designers
    Help us transform our programmes into inspiring events
  1. Graphic Designers
    Share your artistic and technical skills to translate great ideas into innovative designs
  1. Web Designers
    Add value to our existing media, and develop our unique new platforms online
  1. Copywriters
    Find the language most-suited for the communication of LILA’s vision and enterprise


  1. Video Editors
    Bring in your tech-skills and imagination to edit our videos into unique productions
  1. Transcribers
    Listen to and transcribe the many knowledge explorations from the LILA events
  1. Text Editors
    Help us refine our programme documents, communications, knowledge content, etc.


  1. Advertisement Managers
    Bring in your industry knowledge to attract appreciative advertisers to our sites
  1. Media Coverage Managers
    Present LILA and our dreams to, and engage with the complex print, electronic, digital media spaces of our times
  1. Publicity & Communication Managers
    Imagine and develop new methods to undertake cultural communication today, making use of the advancements in technology and social media

Programmes & Media Specific

LILA Campus-Links

LILA Campus-Links is an endeavour to create organic linkages across campuses. Derived from ‘camp’, a social field of learning, working and relating outside one’s home, we understand campus in a large sense, as an extended site of learning. Our Campus-Links chapters regularly organise intellectual discussions, public interface programs, as well as nurture the spirit of conservation in members.

  1. Student Coordinators
    Create a LILA Campus-Links chapter around you, in your learning space
  1. Faculty Coordinators
    Facilitate and partake in a LILA Campus-Links chapter with your students
  1. Translocal Coordinators
    Found LILA Campus-Links in new unexpected learning centres

LILA Inter-actions

LILA Inter-actions is our online medium for translocal dialogues, bridging disciplines and communities. Every Friday, two field leaders exchange textual reflections on a current topic, encouraging readers to think in unprecedented ways.

  1. Researchers & Editorial Ideators
    Help us find new innovative topics, and insightful contributors
  1. Commentators
    Contribute regularly to the democratic thinking space of our medium through comments
  1. Medium Development Explorers
    Brainstorm with us to develop Inter-actions to wider levels of action and collaboration

LA – The LILA Blog

  1. Contributors
    Write regular columns and content for LA – The LILA Blog.
  1. Translators
    Partake in the translocal ethos of LILA Parapluie through regular translations of the articles into the language(s) you know
  1. Commentators
    Contribute regularly to the democratic thinking space of our medium through comments
  1. Media Coverage Managers
    Participate in reaching and sharing LILA Parapluie to a variety of media
  1. Publicity & Communication Managers
    Improve and develop new paths to permit daily reflexive communication about the issues taken up in our media

The LILAight Channel

  1. Script Writers
    Share your literary talents and experience in filmmaking to prepare the scripts of our next video creations
  1. Video Editors
    Realise innovative and creative editing for our video projects
  1. Shooting Equipement Owners
    Help by sharing your video shooting kit to make our shootings possible

The LILA Knowledge Website

  1. Researchers
    Undertake in-depth studies on major contemporary questions in a variety of fields, and share with our content writers
  1. Content Contributors
    Write for our extended publications, thus making our platform a unique space for cultural thinking, expression and conservation today
  1. Webmasters & Developers
    Exploit the potentials of the web to make it the most knowledge-friendly medium for our times
  1. Editors
    Provide critical and language feedbacks on a large number of our publications, and ready them for publishing
  1. Photographers
    Create unique and evocative photography works for our publications
  1. Videographers
    Design and realise videos to enrich the knowledge experience of each publication


LILA welcomes everyone’s energy. Please provide the information below and we will get back in contact with you.

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