PRISM 2014 - logo

LILA Foundation for Translocal Initiatives is born from the belief that there are organic ways to interlink the sites of research and lived experiences of humankind. Hence, we constantly work towards the facilitation of transformative modes of living.

LILA PRISM is a demonstration of this faith and endeavour. PRISM stands for five key constituents of transformation as LILA envisages it: Performativity, Relevance, Innovation, Sustainability, Multiplicity.

This programme is conceptualised as a dynamic means to the formation of efficient models to realise our translocal vision. This vision aims at equipping individuals and communities to discover themselves and transcend their limited locales in order to forge valid connections.

While LILA PRISM 2013 revealed the discontinuities in various realms of ‘development’, this year we bring you a series of significant presentations on cultural continuities in order to provide a balanced view of our times. LILA PRISM 2014 features 14 seminal speakers representing various fields of knowledge and experience that have survived the test of time. They form, thus, a great cultural continuum.

Click below to read on the fourteen lectures that will make our second season of programmes: