Some of the most hardworking members of our society often live financially, domestically and socially insecure lives. The lack of dignity in labour coupled with illiteracy leaves many individuals devoid of a sense of ownership over their own lives. Such individuals and communities thus remain capable of but unable to keep up with the rapid changes in social, economic and development scenario in the country.

LILA Terra-Sutra Indigo Lingo is a signature Human Assets and Undertakings Transformation Enterprise (HAUTE) that aims to transform illiterate, underserved Indians, especially women, to be skilled and educated individuals, self-governing entrepreneurs and inspired/inspiring community leaders.


During the first phase of our work (PRISM 2012-2016) our successfully curated open-access public interfaces connected us with experts from across various fields of knowledge and action. Our ambitious second phase (Terra-Sutra 2017- ) aims to translate the insights and network from our first phase into transformative action.

Indigo Lingo is one such programme that is delivered through an innovative scheme of education and capacity-building activities that includes training, mentorship and facilitation. It has been co-designed with the participating women as well as experts from various fields of knowledge and action. This design follows LILA’s flagship MAGNETO Transform-action framework.


MAGNETO is LILA’s signature educational design that can be customised into specific methodologies and applied across various fields of creativity and knowledge. It manifests itself through organically structured learning practices that result in higher quality of engagement amongst participants.

It focuses on seven dyadic fields of human evolution: Mindfulness/Methodology, Aptitude/Application, Genius/Growth, Nature/Nowness, Energy/Enterprise, Temperament/Technology, and Originality/Organisation.

Translating these into a curriculum, our programme engages with seven broad areas of knowledge:

  • Literacy - Reading, writing and public presentation skills.
  • Financial literacy leading to independence.
  • Health, hygiene, sanitation and reproductive health practices.
  • Wellness and its governance practices that facilitate playful and creative problem solving faculties.
  • Social responsibility, citizen rights and duties
  • Skill-based enterprises and entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • Self and community development that enables participants to become independent thinkers who can further lead their community towards positive transformaction

LILA Terra-Sutra Indigo Lingo is envisioned as a pan-India undertaking that transcends geography, culture, age and gender by establishing chapters across the country that nurture the native strengths of specific locales and connect them to each other.



Based on Gandhi’s ideas of Antayodaya and Sarvayodaya, Indigo Lingo HAUTE aims to develop a model of knowledge-sharing and resource-support amongst these chapters to establish itself as a self-sustainable undertaking that can be scaled up to reach the proverbial last wo(man).