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LILA was born as a response to a strong need. We believe that there must be ways to interlink the often conflicting sites of academic research and the lived community experiences. But this must be completed by means of conserving organic cultural practices, towards the facilitation of transformative modes of living. LILA’s enterprise is the combination of these projects.

As a first step towards the realization of this dream, we are organizing a uniquely multi-dynamic programme – LILA PRISM. The acronym PRISM stands for 5 key constituents of transformation as LILA envisages it: Performativity, Relevance, Innovation, Sustainability, Multiplicity.

PRISM is conceptualized to be worked out through three major phases, or modes, which demonstrate LILA’s determination to find practical and effective ways of realising its translocal vision:


As part of the first phase of the PRISM programme, fifteen seminal thinkers who have made remarkable contributions to their fields – ranging from Politics to Arts, New Media to Tribal Research , Media to Grassroots Innovation – have agreed to collaborate with us and deliver public lectures from August to December 2013. This made the LILA PRISM LECTURE SERIES 2013. Click on the following image to find all the related information.

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In 2014, the LILA PRISM Lecture Series featured fourteen other major stakeholders, agents and thinkers from a variety of fields, all joining our movement to reflect on the theme of this season: Cultures as Continuum. Click on the following image to find all the related information.

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LILA PRISM 2015 on Transformative Governance combines the insights derived from the previous years, and is designed as a definitive step towards forming a connective for ‘Organic Governance’ facilitating equitable growth in the Indian democracy.

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