LILA is looking for a Life Appreciation Emissary. It is a full time senior sales agency position that works on commission basis ‒ the more you deliver, the more rewards you reap.

Our Life Appreciation Emissary:

  • must combine a profound vision and appreciation of life, with an abandon, felicity and playfulness to sell any cause, product or idea to anyone at anytime
  • must have the diligence and quickness to find appropriate target audiences and clients for LILA’s specific Life Appreciation programmes and training projects
  • must have the associative ability and knowledge base to translate any philosophical or cultural idea into a successful brand jingle and sales campaign
  • must posses a long-distance runner’s dream, drive, endurance, and capacity to accomplish
  • must have an aspiration and a drive to make new worlds of experience accessible to millions of people

If you are the sales agent we are looking for, please call +91-9013965209 or write to lila@lilafoundation.in with your CV and a short note on why you think you must come into the LILA fold. We look forward to welcoming you.

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