LILA Terra-Sutra will be worked out through a set of Sanctuaries of Life Appreciation set up in various countries across the world. The Sanctuaries in a particular country function as interconnected local hubs of creativity, making optimum use of the communication facilities provided by technology.

In India, Terra-Sutra will be operationalised through a regional wing called India-Sutra, which draws inspiration from the Humane Translocality in the Designs of a variety of remarkable Indic sites, such as Charles and Ray Eames’ ‘India Report’, the navagraha iconography, the initial materialisation of Shantiniketan, the structure of the Raga, Gandhi’s idea of Nai Talim… Thus would the Sanctuaries configure their processes of Abhyas (practice/training/ripening/preparation) for life appreciation in order to make Equity an accessible reality in our times.

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