At LILA, we release regular newsletters to present our latest works and the events to come. But we do more: following our belief in rediscovering all spaces, including communication spaces, we want to reclaim the format of the newsletter as one way to also convey wide and deep ideas. Thus, the LILA Newsletters are written keeping in mind the recent events of our society; we wish to make the effort to relocate LILA within these larger contexts. A care for the form is also particularly present in our newsletters: while we want the overall content to be set in a graphically refreshing and innovating format, we also desire to make it as interactive as possible, linking to other pages on our websites, but also videos, newspaper articles, etc. A space is left for commentary, as we know that a newsletter, too, can emulate new sorts of dialogues in our time and age.


LILA Newsletter The Quarterly Medium – Autumn ’16

LILA Newsletter The Quarterly Medium – Summer ’16

LILA Newsletter – May 2015

LILA Newsletter – March-April 2015

LILA Newsletter – February 2015

LILA Newsletter – January 2015

LILA Newsletter – December 2014

LILA Newsletter – November 2014

LILA Newsletter – October 2014

LILA Newsletter – September 2014

LILA Newsletter – November-December 2013

LILA Newsletter – October 2013

LILA Newsletter – September 2013

LILA Newsletter – August 2013

LILA Newsletter – July 2013


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