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LILA Call for Collaborations - 2015

LILA draws from the Indian word for ‘play’, and understands human happiness as a luminous continuum of creativity; a translocal engagement with one’s context. Towards such appreciation of life accessible to every individual and community, we, at LILA Foundation for Translocal Initiatives, envision, experience, share and conserve our enterprise as:

  1. An ideation space for making happiness accessible to all
  2. A public interface and transformaction platform
  3. An organisation founded on humane translocality
  4. A research centre engaged with the information-knowledge-wisdom continuum
  5. An institution of creative enterprises facilitating continuous cultural production
  6. A sanctuary of life appreciation to create a horizontal connective of equity
  7. A multi-centred conservatory for community making.

Inviting Partnerships for Existing Projects

LILA’s diverse activities are oriented towards the actualisation of a vision for a worldwide thought-transformaction-conservation project. Since August 2013, we have been organising programmes and brining out regular online publications with a view to engage a variety of people and institutions in this endeavour. Through two years of work in ideation, research, publication and programming, LILA has carved a space for itself in the country’s knowledgescape. Now, as we enter our second phase of ‘transformaction’, we invite meaningful collaborations from individuals, organisations and institutions to contribute to our already existing work, as well as to implement our newly designed projects for equity.


1. LILA PRISM Annual thematic Lecture Series:

Every year from August to December we organise a thematic lecture series that features seminal thinkers from a variety of disciplines in collaboration with major cultural stakeholders. LILA PRISM 2015 will be on the theme ‘Governance as Life Appreciation’.

Inviting Collaborations from: Resource people and Specialists for ‘Governance’ in various fields; Institutions as Venue and Event partners; Media Partners; Volunteers who can help in publicity and social media, print and electronic press coverage; Book Publishers.

2. LILA Special Lectures

We organise regular special lectures on various topics, by eminent international experts whose work would contribute to our understanding of governance and humane translocality.

Inviting Collaborations from: Innovative thinkers in various fields; Institutions as Venue and Event partners; Media Partners; Volunteers who can help in publicity and social media, and print and electronic press coverage; Book Publishers.

3. LILA Lumieres

Initially conceptualised as our platform for film screening, discussion and related events, LILA Lumieres has now become LILA’s video production banner.

Inviting Collaborations from: Institutions and individual volunteers who can help in various stages of video production.

4. LILA Bearing Witness

This cultural banner of LILA is the testament of our faith in the power of cultural expressions to become peace-making functionaries. We bring together various cultural practitioners—musicians, dancers, filmmakers, writers, philosophers, visual artists—under this banner so that the function and role of the arts beyond the aesthetic may be explored.

Inviting Collaborations from: Artists and writers to submit new themes and designs for programmes; Institutions as Venue and Event partners; Media Partners; Volunteers who can help in publicity and social media, and print and electronic press coverage.


1. LILA Inter-actions

LILA Inter-actions is our weekly online medium for translocal dialogues. Every Friday, two field leaders bridge disciplines and communities in a textual reflection on current affairs and culture.

Inviting Collaborations from: Reflective writers and experts on various topical issues, media spaces interested in re-publishing the articles, volunteers for publicity and social media.

2. LILA Parapluie

LILA Parapluie is an umbrella blog, multicultural and multilingual in its expression. LILA writers, guests, interns and committed friends write here towards establishing the reflective and philosophical moorings of the organisation.

Inviting Collaborations from: Volunteers for publicity & social media; Volunteers for translation.

Inviting Partnerships for New Projects (2015-16)

Towards our transformaction initiatives in 2015, LILA has designed a new platform to create a world-wide governance connective enabling individuals and communities to spontaneously access their happiness by finding a sustainable means for equitable living. This has stemmed from our understanding of the cultural as the most significant marker of the humanity’s civilisational shift towards settlement (becoming ‘urban’). Thus, in a creative response to the disastrous impact of the many mindless development narratives and city planning projects of our times, LILA Terra-Sutra proposes a mode of organic urbanisation, which invests itself in discovering, nurturing, celebrating, distributing, renewing and conserving resources in various fields of knowledge and creativity, so that the possibility of equitable and ecological living becomes apparent and integral to every human being. It approaches the immense task at hand in a phased out manner, choosing to develop three sites manifesting the Luminous Idea of Life Appreciation in each phase, and gradually scaling up to create a world-wide connective.

1. LILA Terra-Sutra Sanctuaries of Life Appreciation

LILA Terra-Sutra will be worked out through a set of Sanctuaries of Life Appreciation built in various parts of the world in collaboration with local cultural stakeholders. The Sanctuaries in a particular country function as interconnected local hubs of creativity, making optimum use of communication technology towards initiating interdisciplinary projects for equity.

Inviting Collaborations from:

  1. Like-minded institutions and coordinators from various parts of the world to set up the Sanctuaries of Life Appreciation
  2. In India, Terra-Sutra will be operationalised through the regional wing, LILA India-Sutra, which begins work in Jan 2-15 in the field of the Arts. We are considering collaborations with artists, designers, cultural and educational institutions, community centres and local governance bodies, technical experts, various media, private homes and other spaces as exhibition sites, in order to
  • Organise mentoring programmes for artists, young as well as indigenous/folk, to evolve under expert guidance
  • Produce, curate, exhibit, market, auction, sell and archive works of art
  • Develop a sustained audience for heritage arts to foster sensitisation about the multiplicity of cultural forms and practices of India.
  • Build an accessible database of reference works, glossaries, dictionaries, documentaries, encyclopaedia, craft lexicons, etc.
  • Document art practices in India, and the historical movements in art and performance, to facilitate the development of a new aesthetics.
  • Publish on theoretical as well as practical aspects of art.
  • Create organic and vibrant archive of the arts in the Sanctuaries
  • Produce functional collaterals and brand and market them
  1. As we engage more deeply in knowledge production during 2015-16, we invite academic and cultural insititutions, publishers, researchers, writers, and technical experts towards
  • The development of our philosophy forum LILA Menso through regular workshops, symposia, and other events faciliating the democratisation of philosophy and reflective thinking
  • The creation of an online knowledge media dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, featuring insightful acts and actors from various fields
  • To co-publish and distribute the editorial content of our reflective and cultural engagements and socio-political findings towards evolving a relevant and adaptable governance methodology.

2. LILA Terra-Sutra Campus-Links

LILA Terra-Sutra Campus-Links is our effort to democratically link learning spaces across the world. At LILA, we believe that learning cannot happen through tabular organisations. Campuses should therefore be open spaces where learners could apply their knowledge in transformative ways, and become change agents. The Sanctuaries for Life Appreciation would gradually become the organisational centres for the Campus-Links chapters in a locality.

Inviting Collaborations from: Student and faculty coordinators in various institutions, researchers and social activists who are working in various areas of community development to set up Campus-Links chapters in various parts of India and abroad.

3. LILA Terra-Sutra Organic Cities

LILA Terra-Sutra has undertaken to ideate, research, and act on the ‘city’ to rediscover urbanity as happiness. This has resulted in the conceptualisation of the Terra-Sutra Organic Cities.

Inviting Collaborations from: Like-minded institutions, researchers, thinkers, governmental bodies from various parts of the world to actualise a set of gradually evolving, creatively inter-connected Organic Cities privileging Life Appreciation.

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