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You can find in this page the various newspaper articles dedicated to the various LILA activities and events.


On the LILA Performances:

Shahabaz Aman’s Malayalam Sufi Route

“Shahabaz Aman to enthral Delhi with ‘Malayalam Sufi Route'”
(On Manorama, 30 September 2015)
“A Malayalam Sufi Route in Delhi”
(Press Trust of India, 1 October 2015)
“A Malayalam Sufi Route in #Delhi” (Ten News, 1 October 2015) link
“A Malayalam Sufi Route in Delhi” (The Statesman, 1 October 2015) link
“A Malayalam Sufi Route in Delhi” (MSN, 1 October 2015) link
Sruthin Lal, “Shahabaz Aman brings Malayalam Sufi Rock to Delhi” (Hindustan Times, 1 October 2015) link
“Kerala-based Sufi vocalist enthralls” (Millenium Post, 2 October 2015) scan
“Shahabaz Aman” (Malayala Manorama, 2 October 2015)  scan
“Shahabaz Aman brings Malayalam Sufi Rock to Delhi”
(Manorama News, 2 October 2015)
“When a Malayalam Sufi Route was taken to Delhi”
(On Manorama, 2 October 2015)
“സൂഫി സംഗീതത്തിൽ പുതുവഴികൾ തേടി ഷഹബാസ് അമൻ” (Manorama News, 3 October 2015) link
“No Fire In Hell, Neither A Garden In Heaven: Singer Shahabaz Aman (Interview)” (Cellit News, 5 October 2015) link
Suanshu Khurana, “Mystic from Malappuram”
(Indian Express, 5 October 2015)
Preetha Nair, “No fire in hell, neither a garden in heaven: Singer Shahabaz Aman (IANS Interview)” (Business Standard, 5 October 2015) link
“No fire in hell, neither a garden in heaven: Singer Shahabaz Aman” (World News Network, 5 October 2015) link
“Shahabaz Aman brings Malayalam Sufi Rock to Delhi” (Picsture) link & video


On Kaapi LILA:


“Malayalam Sufi”
(Hindustan Times, 26 September 2015)


On the LILA Bearing Witness:


Express Features Service, “The First Wave”
(The Indian Express, 7 May 2015)


On the LILA PRISM Lecture Series:


Budhaditiya Bhattacharya, “Refractions off the prism”
(The Hindu, 13 September 2013)
Amardeep Banerjee, “Earliest European migrants were in the lower echelons of society in India” (Times of India, 14 September 2013) link | image
Gunjeet Sra, “We Are All Lesbians” (Open, The Magazine, 28 September 2013) linkimage
Aditya Mani Jha, “When a writer is translated into English, it is deemed a promotion” (Sunday Guardian, 23 November 2013) link | image
Leela Venkataraman, “State of the art” (The Hindu, 28 November 2013)  link | image
Mahima Dayal, “Critically assessing the state of arts institutions in the country” (Sunday Guardian, 30 November 2013) link | image
Nidhi Sinha, “When things go terribly wrong, Gandhi makes an appearance: EP Unny on the power of political cartoons” (Indian Express, 13 November 2014) link | scan
“Clay Clan” (The Pioneer, 13 January 2014) link
“Annual public lecture series LILA PRISM to begin from August 6 at India Habitat Centre” (I am in DNA of New Delhi, 28 July 2015) link
“Pressing Matters” (The Indian Express, 6 August 2015) scan
Vibha Maru, “Journalism at crossroads” (Millenium Post, 8 August 2015) link
Vibha Maru, “Social Media coming of age” (Millenium Post, 19 August 2015) link


LILA PRISM – The Hindu Sunday Magazine series:


Madhavi Menon, “Sexual identity or trap?” (29 December 2013) scanlinkimage
Jayati Ghosh, “The Graph Gaff” (5 January 2014) scanlinkimage
Sundar Sarukkai, “Thinking in the Age of Instant Noodles” (11 January 2014) scanlinkimage
C.S. Lakshmi, “Ways of Seeing” (19 January 2014) scanlinkimage
Anil Gupta, “Art in Unlikely Corners” (26 January 2014) scanlinkimage


On the LILA Lumieres events:


Budhaditiya Bhattacharya, “For a Fair Fight”
(The Hindu, 27 December 2013)