Minukku: The Reel Crossover l A Space for Exchanges and Explorations

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Minukku: The Reel Crossover was an interdisciplinary event organised by our films wing LILA Lumieres on 4 December 2013 at Gulmohar Hall, IHC. MR Rajan’s film Minukku is a reel journey into the life of a Kathakali maestro, seen through the eyes of an actor, Nedumudi Venu, and a graphic artist, EP Unny. Minukku portrays Kottakkal Sivaraman, who revolutonised, in Kathakali, the portrayal of female roles (minukku veshom). LILA Lumieres chose to screen Minukku because of the many levels of crossover experience embedded in the film. As a creative space, the film explores the possibilities of the in-between spaces between different artistic expressions, genders, voices and the like. Rajan’s films are important to LILA because of their exploratory nature, as well as their archival value.