Lila: The Choice Play of Governance

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The wait had been long to return to the crossroads, to the organic romance of this familiar yet deceitful opposition. Indeed: there is lightness in the serious, and seriousness in the light. Lila, the play, rejoins the realm of decisions, of choices; surrender and detachment merge again with the most active of engagements; immediacy and vision come back together. For the launch of its new banner for reflective thinking and philosophy entitled LILA Menso, the foundation brought together three very special kinds of players, to undertake a new event concept and a unique thought exchange. On this Saturday 7 March 2015, speakers, partners and audience accepted to play a game that started right outside their doorstep, as the skies found amusement in also inviting an unexpected springy rainfall… Yes: with Lila, the play is cosmic!