You can find in this page the various files and publications related to the LILA PRISM Lecture Series 2013.

Calendar (August 2013)

Press Release (August 2013)

One Pagers:

Madhavi Menon (August 2013)

Jonathan Gil Harris (August 2013)

Rich Rice (September 2013)

Jayati Ghosh (September 2013)

Kanika Batra (September 2013)

Richard Mahapatra (Octobre 2013)

GN Devy (Octobre 2013)

Mary E John (November 2013)

Ambai (November 2013)

Sadanand Menon (November 2013)

Sundar Sarukkai (November 2013)

Vinod K Jose (December 2013)

Anil Gupta (December 2013)

Harsh Mander (December 2013)

K Srinath Reddy (December 2013)