Crossing the Ecliptic: A Trilogy

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Crossing the Ecliptic: A Trilogy

25 June 2016・Text and Poetry by Rizio Yohannan Raj・Photography and Design by Aadil Jamal

Crossing the Ecliptic is a collaborative attempt by two artists to make sense of the great light and shadow play of immateriality that gives the human world its unique perspectives and varied visual experiences. Rizio Yohannan Raj's eponymous poetic trilogy (forthcoming in The Drunken Boat) inspired by the celestial sphere representing the sun's apparent path during the year, the moon's crossing across and the resultant eclipses meets Aadil Jamal's lens, which had independently captured reflections, tones and shades illumining and extending the material reality about him. Their coming together here forms LILA's first step towards realising its visionary project, LILA Terra-Sutra InterArts. Umbra: That total experience of an eclipse Penumbra: That partial illumination of a vision Antumbra: That light which contains opaqueness


Umbra 4- Umbra 3- Umbra 1- Umbra 2-


Penumbra 2- Penumbra 4- Penumbra 3- Penumbra 1-


Antumbra 1- Antumbra 2- Antumbra 3- Antumbra 4-
The day the camera happened to him the world became a canvas, and he didn’t know when to stop. While Aadil Jamal is an advertising and branding professional, he’s more famous (and likes he likes it that way) for these artworks that he crafts as an amateur photographer. From serene reflections on sheets of water to the fire emitting out of stones on sun burnt evenings, his works reflect his prismatic restlessness.
Rizio Yohannan Raj is a bilingual writer and educationist, and the Founder and Executive Director of LILA. Her engagement and mediation with ideas and words are aimed at initiating and driving a politico-aesthetic discourse relevant to the times and charged with transformative content.

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