logo prism lecture series (without lecture series)

LILA PRISM is the first major project of LILA. Read more on LILA PRISM here.

logo special lectures

Through the Special Lectures,
LILA welcomes eminent international experts from various fields.
Read more about it here.

logo lila lumieres black

LILA lumieres is the films division of LILA Foundation.
Read more about it here.

Logo Bearing Witness

LILA Bearing Witness is the testament of our faith
in the power of cultural expressions to become peacemaking functionaries.
Read more about it here.

lila menso logo

LILA Menso is LILA’s forum for exploring the immense possibilities
of profound reflection and associative thinking.
Read more about it here.

lila kaapi logo 1 crpd 300

Kaapi LILA is a monthly gathering of like-minded friends, over coffee,
to discuss a work in progress with its visualiser/s.
Through these intense conversations, we hope to energise
the climate of creation in the city and beyond.
Read more about it here.