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_ila-logo-cropped … sees life as a creative play, as evoked by our name; creation, and re-creation are at the heart of the process of living, engendering at once its uniqueness and diversity
… discovers vital connections requiring individuals and communities to responsibly transcend their limited locales and forge new, valid translocal realities
… finds the structure of light as an analogy for the experience of human life: it exists at once in the particular form of individual entities and as a wave-like continuum
… believes that creativity is the root of / route to happiness; and in turn, happiness sustains life
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_ila-logo-cropped … appreciates the transformative nature of being in the world<
… privileges pro-activity as the key attitude to transcend the bipolarities of life
… creates a space of mutuality between intellectual and emotional faculties
… recovers from oblivion the inherent links existing between different epistemic and creative practices
… adopts a unique method to integrate knowledge generation, translation and conservation
… celebrates and upholds the human genius for association and interlink
… facilitates free transference of ideas, actions and results to effect creative and sustainable socio-environmental  practices
… understands human beings as at once illumining their particular contexts and milieus, and seminally contributing to the continuum of ideas and civilisations
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banner objectives

physical To conceptualise and set up virtual and physical centres, programmes and institutions in various areas of knowledge and action
To collaborate with various actors engaged in the pursuit and spreading of knowledge without any distinction of caste, colour, race, creed or sex
To devise special programmes for individuals and communities underprivileged as a result of man-made and natural events
To design and promulgate both institutional and mobile programmes of public interface binding ideas and actual effects
To provide aid to any individual, organisation or institution from across the world, which shares our vision of transformation
To invoke the human ability to interlink in our divided times, by triggering the associative consciousness latent in every individual ideological
To work with the humanities, social and natural sciences to vitally link with the needs of the learners, society and the environment at large, in order to promote socio-environmental practices within the academy
To actualise a horizontal educational continuum wherein the participants understand one another as peers in cultural exploration
philosophical To extend the natural law of symbiosis into academic and creative practices to align individual pursuits with the true wellbeing of their society, times, body, mind and spirit
To rely upon the telling, retelling, interpreting and adapting of narratives to express a freedom to understand and creatively re-imagine the conditions at hand, as in the tradition of the Gurukulam
To confirm happiness as the destination of all epistemic and creative endeavours through the facilitation of a dynamic enterprise of translocal knowledge
To imagine and actualise the overall vision of LILA, in order to reignite enthusiasm to partake in the collective enterprise of human empowerment and creativity inspirational
To further the awareness of human continuity through ages, by opening ourselves to the humble realisation that many had dreamt this dream before us, many do along with us, and many will, after us
To facilitate the re-connection of human beings with their inner springs of happiness, thereby resisting the distancing habits of contemporary life

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