Giti Thadani studied several languages – Sanskrit, Hungarian, French, German and Italian. On a visual level worked as a researcher, archivist on ancient temple graphics, figurative and architectural traditions and aspects of experimental cinema. As a visual composer made several silent films for a joint dance performance with Bharatanatyam dance (Vyuti) and Drops from Nowhere with the piano. Had several exhibitions, inter disciplinary seminars on different aspects of the above and the role of different kinds of sensory intelligence.

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Chahat Rana is currently pursuing a liberal arts degree in English literature, the only thing Chahat has done is to read and write. So she writes:the good, the bad and especially the ugly. She believes that words weave messages and hence good expression is not just a literary necessity, but a responsibility.


The day the camera happened to him the world became a canvas, and he didn’t know when to stop. While Aadil Jamal is an advertising and branding professional, he’s more famous (and likes he likes it that way) for these artworks that he crafts as an amateur photographer. From serene reflections on sheets of water to the fire emitting out of stones on sun burnt evenings, his works reflect his prismatic restlessness.


Rizio Yohannan Raj is a bilingual writer and educationist, and the Founder and Executive Director of LILA. Her engagement and mediation with ideas and words are aimed at initiating and driving a politico-aesthetic discourse relevant to the times and charged with transformative content.


Recently graduated as a History Major from Hindu College, Rana Vikramaditya has versatile interests or as his parents call it, chronic indecisiveness. He is of course, an avid devourer of books, an almost addicted gamer and an amateur photographer. Currently, he plans to spend the year learning Japanese… or not.